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Kay Ranch History
In 1978 Bubba  utilized the services of the first 4 Wagyu bulls imported from Japan to build his Wagyu cattle herd.  In 1990 he sold that herd and 5 years later became ranch manager for Harrell Ranch producing Wagyu cattle for an all natural, organic Kobe beef program.  The ranch was the only one of its kind in the United States.  Harrell Ranch was condemned under imminent domain laws by TXDOT to build the SH 130 toll road.  The road split the ranch in half leaving only small non-contiguous parcels useless for ranching.  After the condemnation, Bubba and Donna purchased some of the Harrell Ranch seed stock and have continued the breeding program at their ranch.  (Please read the news article under Media/Press for more information regarding this and  more about Bubba’s experience with the Wagyu breed.)

Our breeding pogram includes artificial insemination using top Wagyu genetics, and embryo transfer utilizing current popular sires and foundation sires with our proven donor cows.