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Current list of conventional black embryos as of 4/5/2018

005 SHIGEFUKU FB6538    X    KR STRATEGY 127            5 @ $2000 ea
005 Shigefuku, a bull that never left Japan.   Only his semen made it to America. That semen is extremely rare and almost non-existent. Shigefuku weighed in at 1735 pounds at 23 months of age. The dam of this mating is a carrier free daughter of Mazda.  She has SCD AA with a tenderness score of 6.   THIS IS A RARE OPPORTUNITY.

YASUTANI 068  FB10098     X    KR MS STRATEGY 127  FB12886             5 @ $1500 
The sire of Yasutani 068 is JVP YASUTANISAKURA 931. He came to the states in the very first group of fullbloods in 1994 and was gaining in popularity until 2010 when the genetic disorders were revealed. A carrier of three disorders, he was dropped like a hot potato even though his progeny marbled phenomenally. According to Taiki Otsuka, national certified semen salesman in Japan, "The Yasutanidoi line of Tajima is considered hands down highest quality marbling and best tasting fat of all Tajima lines in Japan." Here you have a 931 son that is FREE OF ALL KNOWN GENETIC DISORDERS. The dam of this mating is also a GENETIC DISORDER FREE daughter out of MAZDA, also a carrier animal. This mating most likely will never be duplicated! DON'T MISS IT!

Mt Fiji  FB104    X       KR Kiku 092   FB12205         7 @ $700
     Mt Fuji is one of the first two black bulls that came to the US in 1976 from Japan.  He originated from the Tajima strain of the Hyoga Prefecture.  He is long deceased and his semen is rare.  If found, it is extemely expensive.  The dam of this mating also brings a royal pedigree for marbling.

Kikumichi FB18259     X    KR 4236 FB17808   2 @ $600 ea   female sexed
      New bull with great potential out of Kikuyasu 400. AA  Tenderness 5, BC Exon 5.

Kikumichi FB18259      X   LMR 1234 FB12387 2 @ $600 ea   female sexed

KR Mich 400-351   FB7646  X    KR Ms Itoshige 114    FB12230        16 @  $500 ea
     A World K Michifuku son.  Michifuku is arguably the most important Japanese sire in America.  KR Mich has produced countless high choice and Prime F1 carcasses.  Mich is SCD AA Tenderness 5.   As our herd sire for four years, his daughters were always at the top of The Steaks Are High Sale.  The dam of this mating, 114, is SCD AA Tenderness 7 and an important member of our donor program.

KR FRONT LINE 115    FB12865       X      KR KIKU 24   FB10701          5 @ $500 ea
Front Line is SCD  AA   Tenderness 7         Kiku is SCD VA   Tenderess 8
This mating has produced two SCD AA  Tenderness 10 daughters so far.  
Those who have followed The Steaks Are High Sale in Salado know that the Front Line daughters have been at the top of the black females sold. This bull weighed 1100 lbs. as a yearling and I estimate him to weigh1800 now in his working clothes.  He is adding great growth and milk to his progeny without giving up marbling 

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